“Nothing we do is as important as the effect is has on a child.”


Development Through Recreational Education for Athletic Minds

DIBIA Dream fosters life skills development through sports and recreational education for underserved youth. At DIBIA Dream, we help youth win at life.


DREAM is DIBIA’s community outreach initiative that harnesses the preexisting motivational foundation in youth. We bridge their desire for excellence, leadership and sports to educate youth on other essential core value systems. We translate the skills that are required to win in sports into skills that are required to win at life. This allows for the development of a blueprint for success, in language young athletes understand.

Dream Core Values

  1. Unity – We strive for and maintain unity within our family, school, and community.
  2. Self-Determination – We define ourselves daily, not only in what we say, but also by what we do.
  3. Cooperative Learning – We build and maintain our community together through education, so we may all profit from our collective academic advancement.
  4. Purpose – We are like-minded in our vision to nurture our minds and bodies as we defend our dreams and accomplish our goals.
  5. Creativity – We think and act outside the box. We are not limited by what the world says we can or cannot do.