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Brandon Okpalobi

Brandon Okpalobi

Founder & CEO

Changing the Odds, Changing the Future!
Brandon A. Okpalobi is a Nigerian-American entrepreneur, public servant, and thought leader based in Miami, FL. Brandon is the founder, president and CEO of DIBIA Athletic Development and Dibia DREAM, Inc. DIBIA, which began as an athletic summer camp, is now a comprehensive hybrid organization that helps at-promise urban youth beat the odds, realize their potential and achieve their dreams in Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, New Orleans, and Bermuda. Brandon’s philanthropic work is largely informed by his own experiences as a student and an athlete. A proud alumnus of the University of Miami, Brandon has made significant contributions to the Greater Miami community through business and community service. The mantra, “To lead is to serve” is Brandon’s guiding philosophy, as he routinely proves his leadership ability through community service, education and sports training.

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I'Tita Alexander

I’Tita Alexander

I’Tita-Nefartari Alexander is a dedicated educator, Instructional Coach, and social entrepreneur. She understands that schools need stability, well-trained and experienced educators, equitable resources, and comprehensive culturally relevant curriculums with a clear vision of what good education is. Her work in the public and private sectors of education represent the passion she has for children who are at the heart of her work.

I’Tita is an organizer and facilitator of district-wide professional development where she helps usher educators to a place of researched based instructional innovation. Her passion for education and adolescent literacy extend far beyond the classroom. She currently sits on the Professionalization of Teaching Task Force, and Young Educators Committee of United Teachers of Dade.

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Christian Hernandez

Program Manager

Born and raised in The Magic City, Christian’s Cuban background is fitting in his stomping grounds. Having grown up in various communities in Miami, Christian has truly gained recognition and familiarity with everything the 305 has to offer. Christian is a proud graduate of Florida International University with his Bachelors in Communications. As an award-winning vocalist, dancer/choreographer, actor/director, he is highly active in the Performing Arts community and leads with love through education by curating curriculum that is engaging, inspirational and beneficial to our future generation! Teaching has become a passion that allows him to utilize his gifts and give back to those who are hungry for knowledge in the world of STEAM. He never saw himself working in the STEM field, however, he is a true believer of life happening outside of your comfort zone and how amazing a growth mindset can be!

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